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TotoboboMask ($USD)

FAQ | Clean the mask, fabric strap and rubber strap

How to clean the mask?

For daily cleaning, you can wipe the mask clean with 70% alcohol.
The filter pre-install on the mask is F96.
Soap and water wash is for longer intervals, maybe weekly or before long term storage.

What is the advantages of the Fabric strap?

Fabric strap can be used as earloop or as headstrap (some children ear to soft and difficult to hold the earloop strap). 

Rubber strap
I have bought a totobobo mask a few year ago. However recently the rubber holding the mask and the filter has disintegrated. Is there any way to get the rubber. Please advise.

For an emergency, you can cut the earloop strap from a surgical mask as a replacement.

See fig.

You can also order the new fabric strap, which can be configured as head strap or earloop.